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True Talent

Meet our line-up


Jesse Howard (1885–1983) was an American artist known for his hand-lettered signs.A self-taught artist, Howard's first professional recognition came when Art in America magazine profiled him in 1968. Howard worked from what he called "Sorehead Hill", a 20-acre farm in Fulton, Missouri where he both produced and displayed his work.


Nubreed is a respected Australian electronic music group that blends breakbeat, techno, and house music. Formed in the late 1990s by Danny Bonnici, Jase Glenn, and Mykel Askew, the group has released critically acclaimed albums, performed at major festivals like Burning Man and Coachella, and built a devoted fanbase.


Little did he know he would blow up and have a huge fan base. Justin, AKA “Hitman” to his fans, grew up in the small town of Marlow, Alabama. That’s where he spent his days at his favorite swimming spot, “Fat Girl Creek,” also known as “Bohemian Creek”. While growing up, Hitman didn't have it so easy.


Dirty is an incredibly gifted, ambitious, and accomplished music producer who has achieved great heights in the music industry through his sheer dedication, remarkable talent, and an impressive repertoire of musical influences. He possesses an unparalleled ability to create captivating and innovative music that is both unique and relatable to a diverse audience.


Bubba Sparxxx, the Georgia-born rapper, blends southern hip-hop, country, and rock in his music. His debut album, "Dark Days, Bright Nights," produced by Timbaland, featured hits "Ugly" and "Ms. New Booty." He released his second album, "Deliverance," in 2003, with "Back in the Mud" being its hit single.


Sarah Ross is an outstandingly talented singer, songwriter, and TV personality originally hailing from Texas, USA. Her musical journey began when she competed on the popular TV singing competition show, "The Voice," in 2014, which garnered her widespread recognition nationwide.


The Kentucky Music Mafia is a diverse group of talented musicians from across the state. Founded in 2005 by Eddie Barber and Steve Wilson, their mission is to promote and celebrate Kentucky's rich musical heritage. The group consists of artists from various genres and generations, and they perform regularly at festivals and concerts.


Dakota Moss is a talented actor from Texas, now working in LA. He developed his passion for acting through school and community theater. Dakota has appeared in "Stranger Things" and "Camp Manna". His work is characterized by his charm, charisma, and ability to bring characters to life. When not acting, he enjoys exploring the city with friends and family.


Big Murph is an American country singer and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. He was born in a small town in Alabama and grew up listening to traditional country music. After moving to Nashville, he began performing in local bars and honky-tonks and eventually signed a record deal with a major label.


Jon Cox is a supremely talented artist with a deep passion for music that has been an integral part of his life since he was just a young boy. Growing up in the United Kingdom, he was immersed in the rich cultural tapestry of British music, and he was drawn to the expressive and heartfelt tones of various musical styles. Jon's love for music soon led him to write his own songs, and he began playing guitar as a youngster.

ricky gunter

Ricky Gunter grew up in a small town with a population of about 4,000 people. He has lived each and every day chasing his dream of performing music. His mother was his biggest influence and taught him how to harmonize by singing all day long during his childhood.


Scott Kingery, born on April 29, 1994 in Phoenix, is a professional baseball player for the Philadelphia Phillies in Major League Baseball. He played college baseball at the University of Arizona, and was drafted by the Phillies in 2015.

adam calhoun

Adam Calhoun, an American country rapper and army veteran, speaks on social, political, and cultural issues through his music. He kicked off his music career in 2017 and has produced successful albums, including The Throne, AmerAcal, and War. Calhoun's YouTube channel features music and commentary on diverse topics.

who tf is justin time?

Not since Colt Ford have we seen an artist in country rap who has been successful as both an artist and businessman. Forbes Magazine says Colt has built a multi-BILLION dollar business and if you asked me two weeks ago I’d say no one in this genre will ever get close

kelsey lynn

Kelsey Lynn, a talented singer-songwriter from Nashville, combines traditional country with modern pop/rock elements to create an honest and captivating sound. She began pursuing music at 11 and has performed at well-known venues across the US, including the Bluebird Cafe and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

lhord lhus

Lord Lhus is a rapper from Columbia, South Carolina/U.S.A. He has released albums with his former group, Bloodline, the Savage Brothers, and producer Al Tarba, as well as several solo projects.

kori spires

Kori Spires is an American singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Texas, she began writing and performing her own music at a young age. In college, she honed her skills and gained experience by traveling and performing at various venues across the country. Spires' music blends elements of folk, pop, and soul, and is marked by her powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics.

stormie leigh

Stormie Leigh is an American influencer known for her TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube posts. She gained followers with her dance and lip-sync videos on TikTok. She shares makeup tutorials, fashion advice, and vlogs on her YouTube channel and models for several brands.

demun jones

Demun Jones is an American musician and rapper originally from Georgia. He is best known for his unique blend of country, rock and rap music, often referred to as "hick hop." Jones began his music career as part of the Southern rock band Rehab before pursuing a solo career in 2013.


Broadnax Singer is undoubtedly a gifted performer whose incredible talent has earned him recognition from around the world. The San Francisco native has captured the hearts of music lovers far and wide with his soulful and captivating performances.

dusty leigh

Dusty Leigh is a hip-hop artist and songwriter hailing from Kentucky, USA. Born on September 14, 1988, Leigh grew up listening to blues and country music, which later influenced his unique style of rapping. He began his music career in 2014 and has since released several successful projects, including his debut mixtape "I'm Just Dusty" and his latest EP "Creative Visions."

shelby kay

Shelby Kay Singer is an emerging artist, singer, songwriter and producer from the United States. Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, Shelby began singing and playing piano at a young age, honing her craft and developing her own unique sound.

mocasin creek

Mocasin Creek is a country rap group formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2010. The group is composed of founding member and lead vocalist Jeff McCool, along with guitarist Michael "Spank" Lorenzo, drummer Russel Autry and bassist Ryan "Frog" Kilby.


6B.LOW is an up-and-coming singer from Chicago, Illinois. Born and raised in a musical family, he was exposed to a variety of genres at a young age. He started writing and performing his own songs in high school, which led him to pursue a career in music.

kendall tucker

Kendall Tucker is an immensely talented and incredibly gifted American singer-songwriter with a unique voice that draws listeners in from the very start. Born and raised in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia, Kendall's music is infused with the rich Southern charm and soulful melodies that have become synonymous with the region. Combining influences from a range of genres, including R&B, folk, and jazz.

kayla mckinney

Kayla McKinney is a talented and passionate singer from Nashville, Tennessee, who has been involved in music from a very young age. She grew up listening to country, bluegrass, and gospel music, and started performing at local events and festivals as a child.

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The biggest, most important dance music festival on the plane

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We will give you emotions and impressions at our unforgettable festival! There is no better time than time spent with good music among friends.

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